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Lifts and ski slopes

Ski lifts

Banderitsa 1
Banderitsa 2
Chalin Valog
Stara kotva
Detska kotva
Panitsa B
Vlek Chalin
Tsarna Mogila

Ski slopes

Plato 1
Shiligarnik 1
Stara pista
Shiligarnik 2
Plato 2
Tsarna Mogila
Chalin Valog 2
Chalin Valog 1
Ski road 1
Ski road 2
Gondola working hours 08:30 - 17:00, ski lifts 08:45 - 16:15.
Lift Banderitsa: 9 AM - last ride 4:15 PM, Lift Plato: 9 AM - last ride 4 PM

Snow cover

10 cm
Banderishka Polyana
60 cm
120 cm


General Terms - Ski Point

General terms and conditions for using the online services provided by Ulen AD through the internet platform SKI POINT

1. Introduction

These General Terms of Use (GT) regulate the rules for the use of the Internet platform "Ski point", which allows online charging / recharging of lift passes, to obtain useful information about the Ski Center Bansko, including information about weather conditions in the ski center, for the working slopes and facilities, access to online cameras working in real time and information for using a ski pass by clients of the ski center.

Ulen AD is a trade company with registered office and address of management: Bansko 2770, Blagoevgrad region, 94 Pirin Str., UIC № 101156430, e-mail: skipointbansko@gmail.com, contact phone: +359882111325.

The Internet platform "Ski point" is developed and maintained on behalf of Ulen AD (the Company or the Provider) by a specialized company hired for this purpose, a provider of information and communication services.

These General Terms and Conditions apply automatically to all persons (User / Users) who use the online services provided by the Internet platform and access to information about the Ski Center.

These General Terms are applicable in their entirety and cannot be modified by users. They are available on the websites www.banskoski.com and www.skipoint.info and are kept up to date.

Please read them carefully before using the Ski point internet platform.

When registering on the Internet platform "Ski point" or when purchasing a service through it without registration, the User agrees with the requirements described in these General Terms and Conditions. Any user who has objections or does not accept these General Terms and Conditions or part of them, exercising his right to free discretion, may decide not to use the Internet platform.

2. Terms and abbreviations used

The definitions and abbreviations used specifically in this document are presented below.

"General Terms and Conditions" (or "General Terms") is the present document, which describes the conditions, requirements and rules for use of the online services provided by Ulen AD, through the Internet platform "Ski point". To avoid duplication, the abbreviation "GT" is also used in the document.

"Provider" - is used here for Ulen AD, as an organisation, the assignment of which has developed and maintains the Internet platform "Ski point" by a profiled company hired for this purpose, a provider of information and communication services.

"Internet Platform" / "Platform" is a specialised site developed and designed for online delivery of services to customers of the Ski Center. In this document, an internet platform is understood as "Ski point".

"User" is used here for any individual who accesses the services and useful information provided through the Internet platform "Ski point".

"User profile" is this section of the Internet platform "Ski point", in which the user enters her/his personal data during registration to gain access to services and useful information.

"Personal data" - for the purposes of this document, these are names and e-mails that are provided by the User when registering on the platform, when purchasing a lift pass and which allow her/him to be uniquely identified as an individual.

"Service / services" is used for the online services provided by Ulen AD, such as charging / recharging a lift pass, analysis of the used lift pass, as well as the provision of useful information about the Ski Center.

"Commercial communications" - used here, according to the text of Art. 5 of the E-commerce law for advertising or other communications, presenting directly or indirectly the goods, services or reputation of the person performing commercial or craft activity or exercising a regulated profession.

"Third parties" - such are considered to be natural and legal persons who are not parties to a contract with the Provider for the delivery of services through registered as traders and commercial persons who, through the Internet platform, can offer to Users - at their explicit consent to use their data for direct marketing - information about the goods and services they offer.

"Notifications" are used here as messages of an advertising or commercial nature sent to the user profile in the Platform, if the user has confirmed that he agrees to his/her data to be used for direct marketing.

3. Services provided

Through the internet platform "Ski point" "Ulen AD" provides the following service: online charging / recharging of ski / lift cards after payment of their value. For this purpose, the User must have a card (plastic) of a suitable type for the purpose, so that in the process of online purchase he can enter the number of the plastic / which is on its back / and recharge it with the selected type of ski card.

Through the Platform the User can access information about the use of his ski pass, statistics on the use of the ski pass during the individual days of its validity, such as number of lifts used, vertical distance / displacement, downhill kilometers, kilometers of used lifts, etc .. This information can be obtained both upon registration of the User in the Platform, and without registration, by entering the number of the ski / lift card in the specified section of the Platform “Enter ski card".

Through the Platform the User can access information about the meteorological conditions in the ski center, features and information about the conditions for skiing and tourism, danger warnings, about the open slopes and facilities and has access to online cameras working in real time.

Every client of Bansko Ski Center, including tourists practicing winter sports / skiing and / or snowboarding / on its territory are responsible for compliance with the rules established in the ski area, at their own risk exercise snow sports and use of ropeways to transport people. The general rules for the use of ski slopes and cable cars and the general conditions for issuing, selling, validity and use of tickets and lift passes in the ski area with the center of Bansko" are published on the website banskoski.com and you can get acquainted with them here.

4. Consumers

For the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions and the related Privacy Policy, "User" is any individual who has reached at least 16 years of age, who uses the Internet platform "Ski point" with or without creating an user account.

Users enjoy free and unrestricted access to the personal data they provide and may change it at any time.

5. Registration

Ulen AD, in its capacity of Service Provider, does not provide registration of a user by default. Registration is free. The User registers through an electronic registration form on the Platform. Upon registration, the User provides: two names; e-mail; and enters username and password to access your account.

After filling in the data, the User receives a message with instructions for activating the registration of the e-mail provided by her/him for this purpose. Following the instructions, the User should confirm her/his registration. In case the User does not confirm her/his registration within 72 hours of receiving the e-mail, it will be deleted and deactivated. The user can at any time make corrections to her/his data in her/his user profile on the Platform.

Confirmation of registration on the Internet platform "Ski point" is an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, whereby the User declares that she/he wishes to use the services provided electronically, is familiar with these General Terms and Conditions, accepts them and undertakes to observe them. The registration is accepted as a form of contract between the Provider and the User and takes effect from the moment of activating the user profile in the Platform.

The user can make changes to his/her personal data in the user profile at any time and is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the personal data provided by her/him. In the event of a change in the data after registration, the User undertakes to update them in a timely manner.

The user creates her/his personal access password, being responsible for its protection by third parties. The user can change her/his password to access the account in the Platform any time. The Provider provides an opportunity to the User, who has forgotten his password, to restore access to his account by following the instructions sent to the e-mail entered by her/him during the registration.

6. Use of the Application

Ulen AD provides the User with access to the above mentioned online services, including loading / recharging of a lift / ski pass and free access to the information from the Platform, in strict compliance with these General Terms and Conditions and the relevant regulations.

Ulen AD does not control the information generated by the User and is not responsible for the content and quality of the latter or for damages arising from it. The provider does not have the opportunity and is not obliged to check for the coincidence of the names stated during the registration with the indicated e-mails. Ulen AD is not responsible for whether the information provided by the User affects the rights of third parties or intellectual property rights.

The ski / lift card loaded for a specific User is not subsequently transferred and cannot be used by another person.

Lift cards are non-refundable when they are already used and on the occurrence of any of the following: Disconnection of power supply; Adverse weather conditions - strong winds, heavy snow, lack of snow, very low or very high temperatures, fog, rain, etc; Partial closure for security reasons of pistes and cableways for security reasons in the ski area or to conduct sports competitions, training and / or other measures in cases provided for in current legislation; Ski-pass integrity damage as a result of improper storage and operating or attempt to damage it; Ski-pass loss; Ski- pass deactivation due to breach of any provision of these General Terms and Conditions; Ilness or injury of a ski- pass holder caused during its use; Termination of pass use before expiration of its validity by the person who purchased it, regardless of the reason for it; For other provisions, including in case of force majeure.  

When load/reload lift pass by the Platform ensure you have entered correctly the ski card number(s). You can check or edit the card number from your profile. If you are reloading a card that is currently loaded with a ski pass and proceed with payment, you will lose the current ski pass.

Please check if you have set the validity period of the lift pass correctly. In case of an error, the value of the lift pass is not refundable and the card is not reissued with another validity period.

ULEN AD reserves the right to change the form and content of the Internet platform "Ski point" at any time, including the design, form, technology and services it provides, without prior notice.

The Provider reserves the right to suspend the operation of the Platform at any time in order to check and improve its functionality or content, as well as for other reasons related to its maintenance.

The User undertakes to use her/his registration in the Platform, observing the rules of morality, good manners and internet ethics. The platform must not be used to take malicious actions, causing harm to other persons, as well as those that contradict Bulgarian law or other applicable law.

The User has no right to change, restrict or dispose in any way of the structure, content or maintenance of the Platform.

ULEN AD is not responsible for the inability of the User to use the services offered through the Internet platform "Ski point" due to technical reasons (hardware or software problem, problem with Internet connectivity, etc.).

The Provider shall not be liable for damages caused to the Users due to interruption / deterioration of the quality of the services provided through the Platform as a result of force majeure within the meaning of the Commercial Law, as well as in case of accidental events beyond its control. This also applies to problems that have arisen in the equipment used by the User or in case of illegal interference of third parties in the functioning of the information and communication infrastructure supporting the Platform.

Ulen AD reserves the right to immediately and without notice restrict access to the Platform and to cancel the registration of the User in:

- suspicion of incorrect data submitted by her/him;

- use of the Internet platform by the User in violation of these General Terms and Conditions;

- manifestation of bad faith or illegal actions of the User, hiding the danger of adverse consequences for the Provider or for other persons or organizations;

- a request received by lawful authorities in accordance with the law;

- obligations arising from a normative act have arisen.

Ulen AD is not liable for damages and / or lost profits by the User or third parties, which occurred as a result of the suspension of the User's access to the Platform and the deletion of his User profile.

The Provider has the right to refer to the competent state authorities if it is established that the User violates the provisions of the applicable Bulgarian law or other applicable law, as well as if it limits the rights and violates the legitimate interests of third parties.

The Provider may, at its discretion and without prior notice, restrict access to or delete from the Platform uploaded by the User data and content, if they are published in violation of these Terms and Conditions, generally accepted moral norms and values and could harm third parties.

The Provider may, but not as an obligation, at the request of the User remove from the Platform any content that the User has previously uploaded or published by third parties who have gained access to her/his user profile.

The useful information provided through the Platform may in some cases contain links to third party sites, the content, practices and rules of confidentiality of which Ulen AD does not exercise control in any form. For this reason, Ulen AD cannot be directly or indirectly liable for any damages or losses caused in any way due to the access to third party sites to which you may be redirected. Users take responsibility for their actions by visiting such sites, and should adhere to the rules and regulations established there.

Intellectual property rights, including copyrights on logos, presentations, photos and other similar materials published on the Internet platform, are the property of the Provider or third parties with whom Ulen AD has a contractual relationship.

The platform is intended only for personal, non-commercial use by the User. No other use is allowed.

7. Protection of personal data

Ulen AD is a personal data administrator within the meaning of the applicable legislation. The Company processes and stores the data of the Users in the conditions of confidentiality, in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament of 27.04.2016 (GDPR) on the protection of individuals in connection with processing personal data and on the free movement of such data. This data shall not be provided to third parties unless there is a legal basis.

The Company is not responsible for the use of personal data provided by an User, when such use is in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Bulgaria and the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, regardless of whether this use is permitted by the country to which the User is citizen or in which she/he has stayed or temporarily resides. In case of legal conflict, the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria is applicable.

Termination of the User's access to the Platform, regardless of whether this is done at the initiative of the User or the Provider, is considered an automatic termination of the contract between the parties. The Provider has the right to delete from the servers under its control the User Profile of the User, as well as to process and store in a manner not contrary to law, the personal data provided by the User and other information about all actions in the system related to the use of the Platform by this User, for a period of five years after termination of her/his registration.

More detailed information on personal data protection provided by Users of the Platform can be found in our Privacy Policy here.

8. Application and payment for services provided

The ski / lift cards offered through the Platform are sold at prices announced in BGN with VAT charged. The prices are not subject to change from the moment of ordering the service until its payment. The final amount due is the sum of all individual ski cards that the User has requested, including, but not limited to, the transfer fee, tax, administrative fees, etc.

The User shall bear the costs of the Electronic Payment Operator for conversion of the currency used in the transaction, as well as all necessary fees and costs for making a transfer to the provider of the requested service.

At the request of the User, an invoice may be issued for the service paid for through the Platform, after the User submits the data required by law for its compilation by e-mail to skipointbansko@gmail.com.

If you stop using the service paid for through the Platform, the User must send a message to the email address skipointbansko@gmail.com. In case the service is cancelled, the amount paid by the User will be refunded to the card account from which the payment was made. The term for refund of the amount is 15 calendar days, as of the date on which ULEN AD has received the message from the User for service cancellation at the indicated e-mail address.

In case the use of a ski / lift card loaded through the Platform has started, the User cannot withdraw from the concluded contract for use of the service and the amount paid for it is not refundable.

The right to benefit from a share announced by the Company (gift, discount or other privileges) for services purchased through the Platform arises when the request of the User meets all the conditions of the announced share. In case the User withdraws from the contract for the use of the electronic service for charging / recharging a ski / lift card, this right is canceled.

In case of paid but not received service, the User notifies the service provider to the email address skipointbansko@gmail.com.

9. Data protection when paying for requested services through the Internet platform

The user pays online for the services requested by her/him with a credit or debit card through a virtual terminal (payment gateway) of FIBank AD Sofia. When making payments, high-tech measures are applied to protect the personal data of the User. User data is protected by appropriate cryptographic means.

The Platform does not store information about credit or debit card numbers. Only data on the transaction are saved, according to the requirements of the Bulgarian legislation. The information required to complete the transaction is stored in a secure form on the platform.

The personal password entered by the User is not stored on the servers of the service provider. It is intended only for activating the generated crypto-key for making the transaction. The crypto-key itself remains only on the User's mobile device and is not available to the service provider.

When paying for the requested services with credit / debit cards, which are not issued through Fibank AD Sofia, the rules for protection of the transaction, introduced by the organization that issued the card, are applied.

10. General provisions

ULEN AD makes it possible to ensure the normal functioning of the services provided through the Platform and access to useful information. Given that the use of the Platform is free of charge, the Provider cannot undertake to provide and guarantee completely trouble-free and continuous operation of all functionalities of the Platform so as to meet all expectations and requirements of the Users.

These General Terms and Conditions for using the online services provided by Ulen AD in the Ski Zone with the center in the town of Bansko have been approved by the management of Ulen AD. If necessary and at its discretion, Ulen AD may make changes in these rules and conditions. The current version will be available in due time on the website banskoski.com and through a link from the Platform. The latest published version of these General Terms is considered valid.

For questions related to these General Terms of Use, you can contact the Provider at +359 749 88911 or via email skipointbansko@gmail.com.

If an User sends a message that she/he does not accept any changes made during the update in these General Terms, this will automatically terminate the contract between the User and the Provider for use of the Platform.

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